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HAM Radio


I’m PD0TW, a HAM operator from the Netherlands mostly active on the VHF/UHF or DMR (ID: 2040188). My DMR ID is also configured for DAPNET, so you can page me if you like. Maidenhead/grid locator: JO22kq

My logbook is available on

I sometimes blog about HAM Radio


I’m a member of VERON, which grants me the rights to use the Dutch QSL Bureau. If you have a QSL card for me, feel free to send it to me through your QSL Bureau. If you are not a member of a QSL Bureau, you can send one to:

Dutch QSL Bureau
Box 330
6800 AH Arnhem
The Netherlands

I’ll do my best to send one back!

Equipment / Hardware #

APRS & iGate #

I run a APRS iGate at home with a RTL-SDR dongle on a small Linux machine running pymultimonaprs. This iGate is running on SSID -10, you can check it on APRS Direct. I will also have a X1C5 Plus mobile APRS gateway, this will be configured on SSID -2.


My daily carry is an Anytone D878UV VHF(7W)/UHF(6W) DMR-capable radio, also used this for APRS (SSID -7) and analog.

In my car I have a Anytone D578UV and I also have a Zastone Z218 (25W) Analog VHF/UHF transceiver in the thrunk.

HF #

A Xiegu G90 is currently my HF rig. I’m not that active on here yet because of antenna placement challenges. But hopefully in the future!

73 de PD0TW