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MySQL Tips and Tricks

·3 mins
Welcome to this practical guide filled with MySQL tips and tricks! Whether you’re a seasoned database administrator or just getting started with MySQL, these handy queries and techniques will help you manage your databases more efficiently.


OpenLDAP for sudo configuration and rights

·3 mins
We covered SSH Authentication and Linux user management using OpenLDAP in an article, now wouldn’t it be great if you could also manage sudo rules from a central place like an LDAP server? Luckily, sudo has support for this! This article will show you how to set this up within OpenLDAP and the sudo configuration on your Linux machine.

Reverse SSH tunnel for port forwarding

·3 mins
Reverse SSH tunneling is a powerful tool that can be used to securely forward ports to or from remote servers to your local machine. It is especially useful when you don’t have direct access to a remote server, such as in a cloud environment. By creating a secure tunnel between the remote server and your local machine, you can access services on the remote server as if they were running on your own machine.


How we rapidly developed an internal tool from idea to prototype within a limited amount of time at Q42!

Hosting a successful GPG Keysigning Party

·3 mins
A GPG Keysigning party is an event where people verify each other’s identity and sign their GPG keys. Doing so increases the effectiveness of the Web of trust and the total trust each key has.

Using Python to migrate DigitalOcean domains to Terraform managed

·2 mins
I was thinking about migrating some cloud services into Terraform, but we seemed to have too many domains. So I wrote a small python script that takes a domain, then using doctl (the DigitalOcean command line) it extracts all current records. After that it outputs the file into tf and also gives a import command to import the current state in Terraform state.


Using RTMP for Streamlabs OBS (GoPro, Co-Streaming to multiple Channels)

·7 mins
Using a GoPro as a stream source over Wi-Fi? What about streaming from SLOBS to two Twitch channels at once? Having a dedicated recording machine? Streaming to multiple platforms? Maybe even host a LAN party with a commentary stream? You can use RTMP and a custom ingest for streaming. This way you are able to accomplish what you want. In this article, I will guide the setup and show examples for the different use cases.


DMR Setup on Anytone D878UV with APRS/SMS

·7 mins
The Anytone D878UV is quite a nice DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) capable radio packed with features like APRS (Reporting only), Bluetooth and GPS. It’s no surprise that this is my favourite DMR radio and I can recommend it if you are getting started with DMR for the first time. This post will help you get DMR up and running on your Anytone D878UV.

BGP Hijacking - What is it and how to prevent it?

·2 mins
BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol, more commonly known as the system that keeps the internet (and by definition, routing) working correctly. Sometimes misconfigurations (Like accidentally announcing a wrong prefix) can break the internet. In this blog post, I will explain BGP Hijacking and how to prevent it. Primarily for people without network experience.