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OpenLDAP for sudo configuration and rights

·3 mins
We covered SSH Authentication and Linux user management using OpenLDAP in an article, now wouldn’t it be great if you could also manage sudo rules from a central place like an LDAP server? Luckily, sudo has support for this! This article will show you how to set this up within OpenLDAP and the sudo configuration on your Linux machine.


Hosting a successful GPG Keysigning Party

·3 mins
A GPG Keysigning party is an event where people verify each other’s identity and sign their GPG keys. Doing so increases the effectiveness of the Web of trust and the total trust each key has.


BGP Hijacking - What is it and how to prevent it?

·2 mins
BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol, more commonly known as the system that keeps the internet (and by definition, routing) working correctly. Sometimes misconfigurations (Like accidentally announcing a wrong prefix) can break the internet. In this blog post, I will explain BGP Hijacking and how to prevent it. Primarily for people without network experience.

SSH Authentication via LDAP

·4 mins
So you got an OpenLDAP server running? Great! Now you want to connect it to as many systems as possible to ease the burden of managing users and authorization. However, you also want to allow SSH key authorisation managed via a central place. Can LDAP be used for this? This article will help you get started to set this up in your organisation.